Thursday, February 21, 2008


Acrylic on plywood - 7" x 5" - (C)BruceDocker,2007

Comments from art critic Elijah at Art and Critique:
"The shapes of the trees and of the cloud, though recognizable, are on the verge of transforming into completely abstract geometrical forms. This could be the result of a light effect of extreme sunny haziness, the same one that renders the sky green, -- it may be distorting the shape of said objects too. But the contours around the crowns and the cloud undermine this hypothesis. There is an obvious intent of making these forms contained and distinct, regardless of surroundings. Therefore, the abstraction, as well as the contours, demonstrate an intentional stylistic bias. The lines in particular are post-impressionistic, van Goghian, to be even more specific. Nearly every landscape van Gogh painted after seeing the impressionists in Paris boasts such lines. I find the allusion quite gratifying: besides the tribute, it adds historical depth to this daily painting." Elijah

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